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MFR supports the “Financial Sector Programme Value Chain Agro Finance” in Kyrgyzstan

MicroFinanza Rating has been selected as consultant by the Kyrgyz Minister of Finance, KfW and European Investment Bank (EIB) within the framework of the initiative "Financial Sector Programme Value Chain Agro Finance" in Kyrgyzstan. Thanks to its expertise, MFR will be in charge of the screening and the selection of Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs) that will join the Programme.
MFR has prepared an evaluation scheme according to the programme's TOR and on the shortlisted PFIs will conduct due diligence assessments and recommend up to seven most promising PFIs to implement the Programme.

The project is a joint initiative of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Finance, KfW and EIB with the goal to enhance agri-food value chain competitiveness by increasing the availability of long-term finance in local currency (up to EUR 48 M) for agricultural equipment and machinery.

The kick-off meeting on launching the project is scheduled for the 30th of July 2015 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Further news will follow on the progress of the Agro Finance Programme, with more details about selected PFIs.

MicroFinanza Rating and CDC Group for a Client Protection workshop

On July 6th MicroFinanza Rating carried out a Client Protection Workshop for CDC Group in London. As part of the technical committee of SMART Campaign Certification Task Force and Certifier licensed by SMART Campaign to conduct Client Protection Certification, MicroFinanza Rating was invited to train CDC investment analysts with the aim of enhancing their overall understanding of client protection principles, learning best practices and presenting and discussing specific case studies to stimulate the audience awareness. MFR was represented by Chiara Pescatori and Joris Crisà, both key experts in client protection.

CDC is the UK's Development Finance Institution (DFI), wholly owned by the UK Government. CDC's mission is to support the building of businesses throughout Africa and South Asia. CDC's portfolio of investments is valued at £3.4bn (EUR 4.7bn, year end 2014) and includes 1,331 investee businesses. CDC invests in a variety of sectors as construction, forestry and fishery, healthcare, heavy manufacturing as well as microfinance.

Find more on CDC Group here.

ASKI awarded SMART Certification at MCPI Conference

As Client Protection Certifier, licensed by the SMART Campaign, MicroFinanza Rating is happy to announce that a Certificate has been awarded to ASKI – Philippines . ASKI has demonstrated compliance with all the Certification standards derived from the seven client protection principles. The mission of ASKI is to promote socio-economic development through client-focused financial and non-financial services anchored on Christian principles.
As such, today ASKI operates through 72 branches throughout the country and serves 7,794 groups, with a total outreach of 136,224 people.
An awarding ceremony will be held tomorrow at the MCPI Conference.

ASKI's Client Protection Certification was implemented in the framework of a MoU signed between Opportunity International and MFR.

For further details on the Methodology used by MicroFinanza Rating, see the "SMART Certification" section of our website.

MFR Executive Director participated to the 12th EMN Annual Conference

The purpose of this annual event is to be a meeting of minds, ideas and experience. The European Microfinance Network aims to achieve in-depth and interactive knowledge sharing among microfinance practitioners from both Europe and developing countries.
Our Executive Director Aldo Moauro participated to the panel discussion on the European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision, since MicroFinanza Rating is the leader of the international three-party consortium in charge of the compliance evaluation of the European Code of Good Conduct. According to the new Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) regulation, implementing the EU Code of Conduct has become a pre-condition for accessing EU funds under EaSI Program: this workshop has represented the chance to know more about the implementation and evaluation process of the initiative.

Here are some pictures from the conference:

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Find more on EMN Session and Output here.

MicroFinanza Rating at the 12th EMN Annual Conference, 18-19 June, Dublin

As guest speaker MFR Executive Director Aldo Moauro will be participating in the panel discussion on the European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision, by focusing on the methodology and compliance assessment.

MicroFinanza Rating is the leader of an international three-party consortium in charge of the official evaluation of Compliance to the EU Code of Good Conduct, selected by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and EC DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

The aim of the European Microfinance Network (EMN) Conference, carrying the title "Microfinance and banks: Are we the right partners?", is discussing the cooperation potential between traditional financial institutions and the microfinance sector so that collaboration and cohesion in reaching out to the underserved is enhanced between both sectors. The conference will take place in Dublin, from the 18th to the 19th of June.

For more information, please visit the EMN webpage.

SPTF Annual Meeting in Siem Reap, Cambodia, June 8th -12th

As part of the SPTF Annual Meeting, MFR Executive Director will be panelist in the discussion on "Supporting regulators, networks, and financial institutions to respond to client complaints". The goal of the panel is to examine new insights into client behavior related to using complaints mechanisms and how regulators, networks, and financial institutions can encourage clients' rights. Lessons learned will be shared in complaints mechanism design and how partnerships among industry stakeholders can lead to better results for clients.

For more info on the Meeting, click here.

2nd Edition of the African Microfinance Week in Dakar

As active player in the African microfinance sector, MicroFinanza Rating will be participating in the second edition of the African Microfinance Week, carrying the theme "Accelerating Innovative Rural Finance in Africa" which takes place from June 29 to July 3, 2015, in Dakar, Senegal. The conference will be focusing on solutions to accelerate innovative financing in rural Africa as well as the challenges of rural exodus, food production and distribution, climate change and environmental protection. The initiative organized by the 4 regional networks (AMT, AFMIN, AFRACA and MAIN) representing 140 MFIs and 23 Microfinance associations and networks from all over Africa, ensures not only regional representation but also a continental coverage. The other participants are composed of investors, technical assistance providers, rating agencies as well as other actors from the African inclusive finance sector.

To learn more about the African Microfinance Week and its activities and how to register please visit its dedicated website:

MicroFinanza Rating at the 21st Boulder Microfinance Training Programme

As part of the 21st Boulder Microfinance Training Programme (July 20th - August 7th, 2015 in Turin, Italy) Evrim Kirimkan, MFR Latin America Regional Manager will be holding a course titled "Comprehensive evaluation of performance: financial and social", which focuses on the achievement of the double bottom line for a MFI and its measurement. Participants will be introduced to the main dimensions and indicators of financial and social performance evaluation, its common areas and specificities.

To have additional information, click here.

6th European Microfinance Award: MF in post-disaster, post-conflict areas and fragile states

The European Microfinance Platform is pleased to announce that the 6th European Microfinance Award recognises microfinance in post-disaster, post-conflict areas and fragile states, and welcomes applications from institutions that operate in post-disaster/post-conflict areas and provide financial and non-financial services aimed to increase the resilience of the affected, vulnerable population.

The Award of €100,000 is granted by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs – Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs and is jointly organised by the Ministry, the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) and the Inclusive Finance Network Luxembourg ( in cooperation with the European Investment Bank (EIB). It will be presented on 19th November 2015 during the European Microfinance Week.

Further eligibility requirements, definitions, the timeline and selection process are available in this link.

The closing date for applications is 3rd June 2015, 17h00 CET and they should be sent to

MFR to provide MIR and Institutional Assessments under the EaSI Technical Assistance Framework

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is launching its first Call for Expression of Interest to identify and select up to 30 European microcredit providers which will benefit from EaSI Technical Assistance starting in 2015 (formerly named JASMINE). The selected beneficiaries are entitled to receive, free of charge, a Microfinance Institutional rating (MIR) or an institutional assessment. EIB officially selected the three-party consortium led by MicroFinanza Rating to carry out the task: MicroFinanza Rating will provide the rating and assessment services required in cooperation with Planet Rating and ECORYS.

If you are a microcredit provider and you wish to apply to EaSI Technical Assistance, you should complete and submit an application as per the template included in the Call. Applicants are selected on a "first come, first served" basis provided that selection conditions are met. Applicants should follow the terms of this Call.
Deadline: 31st May 2015
Reference: EaSI-BE/2015/01

Please download the Call for Expression.

MFR Social Ratings and Certifications co-financed by the Responsible Microfinance Facility

The Social Performance Task Force, in collaboration with the Smart Campaign, has recently launched the Responsible Microfinance Facility (RMF), a three-year initiative funded by the French government's Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD) to improve the capacity and social performance management (SPM) practices of microfinance institutions in Africa and the Middle East. RMF will fund trainings, certifications, social ratings and related activities that support improvements in social performance. The institutions which are interested in RMF activities, must submit an application to the RMF specifying the proposed TA provider for the project. There is no deadline to submit applications. For additional details on RMF activities, co-financing and requirements, visit the following site.

MicroFinanza Rating, as qualified rating agency recognized by the Social Performance Task Force, is your best partner for social ratings and certification services, as well as for training modules in social performance. Our broad working experience in different regions and with a variety of MFIs ensures a highly tailored approach to services.
Contact us to have additional information on our products and services, or visit our website.

Position Paper on Risk Management Framework for MFIs

The Risk management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM) is pleased to announce the release of the Postion Paper "Toward a Consistent and Appropriate Risk Management Framework for MFIs".
The paper describes the RIM's Risk Management Graduation Model (RMGM), which provides an invaluable starting point for all stakeholders with an interest in improving risk management in the microfinance sector. A principal goal of the RIM is to change the approach to risk management and its central driving question from "What is risk management and how do you do it?" to "Why is risk management important to my organization and clients?" The RMGM has been designed with this goal in mind.

Download here the paper.

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