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Updated results on social rating data published on the 2014 Microfinance Barometer

MicroFinanza Rating is happy to announce the publication of updated findings on social rating data provided in collaboration with Planet Rating, for 2008 - 2014. The article "Social Rating Scores Worldwide" is published on the 2014 Microfinance Barometer and presents results in terms of worldwide social rating results and achievements of social performance areas per region and legal status. Click here to download the publication.

Consortium with Planet Rating to conduct (pre) certifications of FINCA affiliates

MicroFinanza Rating, in consortium with Planet Rating, reached agreement with FINCA International on a partnership that promotes best practices across FINCA affiliates through SMART client protection certifications and pre-certifications. The project will last 5 years and foresees at least 20 FINCA's affiliates undergoing the Certification Process inclusive of follow-up visits, while one workshop per region will be held during FINCA regional meetings to capture regional specificities and provide FINCA's staff the knowledge to prepare for certification. The added value of the Consortium is in terms of local knowledge, quality control, execution capacity and flexibility. To learn more about the SMART Certification, please visit our webpage.

New Country Screenings available: Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo

If you would like to purchase the Country Screening for Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, then contact us requesting a quote. The Country Screening provides an in-depth analysis of a country's main legal, fiscal, institutional aspects related to the local microfinance sector and recognition of the most promising MFIs. The cost of the report depends on the number of contractors and level of customization required by the applicant as shown in the dedicated section of our website.

Click here to know the list of immediately available Country Screenings, and those, which are upcoming.

MicroFinanza Rating at the 20th Boulder Microfinance Training Programme

As part of the 20th Boulder Microfinance Training Programme (Turin on July 7-25), Aldo Moauro (MicroFinanza Rating CEO) and Evrim Kirimkan (Latin America Regional Manager) will be holding respectively following courses:

  • Financial, Social, and Environmental Rating, which offers a special focus on providing tools that will strengthen financial skills and build risk analysis proficiency in order to prepare professional decision-makers to confront upcoming challenges of the microfinance sector.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of performance: financial and social, which focuses on how to evaluate both the financial and social performance of a Microfinance Institution. Participants will be introduced to the main dimensions and indicators of financial and social performance evaluation, its common areas and specificities.

Both courses will combine theoretical presentations with participatory discussions and exercises. Best practices and practical cases will be discussed to improve the comprehension of each topic.

To register or have additional information, click here.

Upcoming missions and events - July

In July MicroFinanza Rating team will be in the following countries: Comoros, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Poland, Kenya, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Mexico.

Moreover, we will be participating to the following events:

MicroFinanza Rating licensed by Grameen Foundation as PPI Certifier – join upcoming E-Workshop

As guest speaker Mr. Aldo Moauro MicroFinanza Rating Executive Director will be attending upcoming e-workshop co-hosted by the Microcredit Summit Campaign and Grameen Foundation for a discussion on the recent improvements to the Progress out of Poverty Index® Certification and the new additions to the Standards of Use. The E-Workshop Webinar will be held on Tuesday June 24th at 10:00 AM (EDT / GMT – 4).

The aim of the Webinar is to share knowledge and experiences on how the renovated PPI Certification can improve an organization's measurement of poverty, enhance its reputation, and build confidence in its practices. Among the presenters there are also Frank Ballard, the Program Officer from the Grameen Foundation's Social Performance Management Center, and Analí Oda, Senior Analyst from Planet Rating.

The Webinar will be conducted in English. For Spanish-speaking practitioners, the Portal de Microfinanzas (@Portal_MF) will be live-tweeting in Spanish the key points addressed by the speakers.

Click here to register.

Resolución ASFI N°365/2014 autoriza el funcionamiento de MFR Bolivia Calificadora de Riesgo S.A.

En fecha 29 de mayo de 2014, la Autoridad de Supervisión del Sistema Financiero – ASFI, ha emitido la Resolución ASFI N°365/2014 que autoriza el funcionamiento de MICROFINANZA RATING BOLIVIA CALIFICADORA DE RIESGO S.A. como Entidad Calificadora de Riesgo constituida en el Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia.

En el marco de este proceso hemos presentado exitosamente nuestras metodologías de calificación de riesgo y calificación de desempeño social, por lo que nos encontramos listos para prestar nuestros servicios de calificación de riesgo y calificación de desempeño social a las instituciones del sistema financiero boliviano. MicroFinanza Rating se constituye en la primera calificadora de riesgo especializada en Microfinanzas autorizada por el ente regulador para operar en el sistema financiero boliviano, ofreciendo servicios independientes de alta calidad profesional en uno de los países líderes y referentes a nivel mundial en Microfinanzas y Finanzas Rurales.

MicroFinanza Rating Central Asia at the microfinance conference in Kyrgyzstan.

As guest speaker MicroFinanza Rating Central Asia will be participating in the panel titled "Financial literacy and Consumer protection" as part of the microfinance conference organized by the World Bank and the National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic. The conference will be held on June 25-26th in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Mrs Lucia Spaggiari, our SR Director, contributes to recently published Brief by e-MFP

Together with investors, rating agencies, networks specialized in social performance assessment and reporting platforms, MicroFinanza Rating social department has collaborated on the publication of Brief N°4 titled "Does Good Client ProtectIon Impact financIal Performance?" and released by the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP). The Brief investigates the relationship between good client protection and financial performance and presents the results from a second round, more robust analysis, whereas a preliminary analysis was presented in June 2012, at the social Performance Task Force meeting in Jordan. The task of analyzing the relationship between client protection and financial performance was given to a team of four statisticians at University of St Andrews (UK). The main findings indicate that while the positive relationship between financial returns and some elements of client protection is clear, the relationship between client protection on the one hand and operating costs and credits risks on the other, is less straightforward. Clarifying the causal link will only be possible once the sector has sufficient historical data.

Download here the publication.

Aldo Moauro, MFR Executive Director, is a new Board member of the Social Performance Task Force

As organizational member of the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) and being one of the most active participants among social rating agencies, MicroFinanza Rating (MFR) has proposed Aldo Moauro as new SPTF Board member, who has been nominated on May the 14th. The mission of the SPTF is to engage with microfinance stakeholders to develop, disseminate and promote standards and good practices for social performance management and reporting.
Worth mentioning is that MFR has fully aligned its social rating methodology with the Universal Standards of Social Performance Management (USSPM) and today MFR social ratings integrate the USSPM and provide an external validation of the MFI implementation of the USSPM. For more details on the Methodology please refer to the "Social Rating" section of our website.

MDO Arvand and Bai Tushum Bank are SMART certified by MicroFinanza Rating

MicroFinanza Rating is happy to announce that has awarded two more Client Protection Certificates to MDO Arvand – Tajikistan and Bai Tushum Bank – Kyrgyz Republic. Both organizations have demonstrated to serve clients with adequate standards of care and respect, thanks to the implementation of the seven Client Protection Principles throughout their operations, product offerings and treatment of clients. For more details on the Methodology please refer to the "Certification" section of our website.

MicroFinanza Rating at the 17th MFC Annual Conference, 26-27 May - Istanbul

As part of the 2014 MFC Annual Conference, our Regional Manager for Europe will be presenting "State of Customer Protection practice in ECA region" during a special members-only Customer Protection Roadmap Workshop on 26 May, in Istanbul. The workshop aims to discuss the MFC's future strategic direction, including the Customer Protection Roadmap for the Region. To learn more about the Conference, please click here.

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