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6th European Microfinance Award: MF in post-disaster, post-conflict areas and fragile states

The European Microfinance Platform is pleased to announce that the 6th European Microfinance Award recognises microfinance in post-disaster, post-conflict areas and fragile states, and welcomes applications from institutions that operate in post-disaster/post-conflict areas and provide financial and non-financial services aimed to increase the resilience of the affected, vulnerable population.

The Award of €100,000 is granted by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs – Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs and is jointly organised by the Ministry, the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP) and the Inclusive Finance Network Luxembourg ( in cooperation with the European Investment Bank (EIB). It will be presented on 19th November 2015 during the European Microfinance Week.

Further eligibility requirements, definitions, the timeline and selection process are available in this link.

The closing date for applications is 3rd June 2015, 17h00 CET and they should be sent to

MFR to provide MIR and Institutional Assessments under the EaSI Technical Assistance Framework

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is launching its first Call for Expression of Interest to identify and select up to 30 European microcredit providers which will benefit from EaSI Technical Assistance starting in 2015 (formerly named JASMINE). The selected beneficiaries are entitled to receive, free of charge, a Microfinance Institutional rating (MIR) or an institutional assessment. EIB officially selected the three-party consortium led by MicroFinanza Rating to carry out the task: MicroFinanza Rating will provide the rating and assessment services required in cooperation with Planet Rating and ECORYS.

If you are a microcredit provider and you wish to apply to EaSI Technical Assistance, you should complete and submit an application as per the template included in the Call. Applicants are selected on a "first come, first served" basis provided that selection conditions are met. Applicants should follow the terms of this Call.
Deadline: 31st May 2015
Reference: EaSI-BE/2015/01

Please download the Call for Expression.

MFR Social Ratings and Certifications co-financed by the Responsible Microfinance Facility

The Social Performance Task Force, in collaboration with the Smart Campaign, has recently launched the Responsible Microfinance Facility (RMF), a three-year initiative funded by the French government's Agence Francaise de Developpement (AFD) to improve the capacity and social performance management (SPM) practices of microfinance institutions in Africa and the Middle East. RMF will fund trainings, certifications, social ratings and related activities that support improvements in social performance. The institutions which are interested in RMF activities, must submit an application to the RMF specifying the proposed TA provider for the project. There is no deadline to submit applications. For additional details on RMF activities, co-financing and requirements, visit the following site.

MicroFinanza Rating, as qualified rating agency recognized by the Social Performance Task Force, is your best partner for social ratings and certification services, as well as for training modules in social performance. Our broad working experience in different regions and with a variety of MFIs ensures a highly tailored approach to services.
Contact us to have additional information on our products and services, or visit our website.

Position Paper on Risk Management Framework for MFIs

The Risk management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM) is pleased to announce the release of the Postion Paper "Toward a Consistent and Appropriate Risk Management Framework for MFIs".
The paper describes the RIM's Risk Management Graduation Model (RMGM), which provides an invaluable starting point for all stakeholders with an interest in improving risk management in the microfinance sector. A principal goal of the RIM is to change the approach to risk management and its central driving question from "What is risk management and how do you do it?" to "Why is risk management important to my organization and clients?" The RMGM has been designed with this goal in mind.

Download here the paper.

2014 Annual Report on the Microfinance Sector in Kenya

MicroFinanza Rating and AMFI-Kenya are pleased to present the 2014 Annual Report on the Microfinance Sector in Kenya. The third edition presents the microfinance sector growth and performance for the period 2011-2013, the microfinance industry developments with regard to credit information sharing, the sector's practices in terms of prevention of over-indebtedness as well as institutional profiles displayed in the directory. This publication has continued to generate interest and this year we counted on the participation of 21 Credit-only MFIs, 9 Microfinance Banks and 4 Banks, a total of 34 participants. This publication is embedded in MicroFinanza Rating and AMFI-Kenya's roles to foster transparency in the microfinance sector. We hope this report will help to increase the visibility of the Kenyan microfinance industry in the domestic and international financial markets, facilitate linkages between microfinance players and industry stakeholders; as well as to provide individual MFIs with information and benchmarks to set their standards and strategic goals.

Click here to download the report.

For any further information, feel free to contact Sylvie Gal or Njeri Muita.
Your feedback will be very much appreciated.

Devaluation of Azerbaijan’s Manat threatens financial institutions

Due to the falling of oil prices and its impact on the country finances and balance of payments largely dependent on oil and gas export, Azerbaijani Central Bank devaluated on Feb. 21 the Manat by a third. Devaluation followed the decision taken on Feb 16 to shift from a dollar peg policy, kept since mid-2011, to a combined dollar-euro peg policy. In a statement, the Central Bank explains the decision was made "in order to support diversification of Azerbaijan's economy, strengthen its international compatibility and export potential, as well as to provide balance of payments sustainability". Nevertheless, the devaluation threatens financial system's asset quality and inflates FX liabilities. In fact, according to Fitch Ratings, FX-denominated liabilities went up from 27% of total lending at end-2014 to an estimated 33% after the devaluation, producing an increase in risk-weighted assets by around 9% for the banking system as a whole. According to Fitch Ratings, although it will shake domestic confidence, the devaluation is expected to be "broadly neutral" with reference to the sovereign profile.

MicroFinanza Rating is closely monitoring the situation with respect to the performance of its clients in the country. If you are MFR's subscriber, you will receive a more detailed update on what is happening on the financial and microfinance market in Azerbaijan, and a Hot Line will be open with our analysts.

GIORDANO DELL'AMORE Microfinance Best Pratices International Award

The Giordano Dell'Amore Microfinance Best Practices International Award, promoted by Fondazione Giordano Dell'Amore, aims to increase the awareness about the importance of microfinance as a tool to fight poverty and social exclusion; to encourage the exchange of experiences and sharing of thoughts and in-depth analyses within microfinance community; and to highlight and spread microfinance best practices.

The International Award is opened to any institution or organization involved, for at least 12 months prior to the date of application, in the financial inclusion of people in a developing or transition country.

The Giordano Dell'Amore Microfinance Best Practices International Award 2015 will focus on the following topic: "Improving financial inclusion of smallholder farmers".

For additional information please visit the webpage:

Governance Capacity Building Program organized by CFI-ACCION for African MFIs

The Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion has recently announced a partnership with The MasterCard Foundation to launch the Accion Africa Board Fellowship program. The new program will promote peer-to-peer learning on governance and risk management practices at financial institutions that serve low-income clients in sub-Saharan Africa, a region with more than 6.6 million microfinance clients.

Announcement of the launch of this program was done in December 2014:

A website was created for this important program and an APPLICATION FORM on-line can be found at this homepage:

Specifically, in this page you can read "what is ABF"

INSIGHT: A new regulatory framework for microfinance in Bolivia

Along with the rapid growth and development of the microfinance sector in Bolivia, the regulatory framework has been changing rapidly.

MicroFinanza Rating is pleased to share the significant changes promoted by the new Law of Financial Services N. 393 of the 21st of August, 2013 and by other regulatory provisions in Bolivia, with the objective of analyzing its implications and possible consequences for the microfinance sector in the short and medium term.
Download the Insight (INSIGHT available in Spanish only)

Join the 9th Edition of the Boulder Microfinance Training Programme for LAC

Organized by the Boulder Institute of Microfinance in collaboration with Red Financiera Rural (RFR) and the University Simon Bolivar, the Boulder Microfinance Training (MFT) Program will take place in Quito, Ecuador, from March 9th – 20th and is specifically designed to meet the industry needs in the Region. Courses will focus on risk management and how to face competition, internal control and fraud prevention, governance and management of conflicts, strategic planning and advanced payment management systems, among others. A dedicated program will target cooperatives and MFIs, who are offering agricultural products with different cash flows and long production cycle.

The 2015 program features also include a Master Class on the new paradigms for financial inclusion, led by Boulder President, Robert Christen, and accompanied by special invitees, where every morning participants will discuss on the current state of the industry, challenges, and cutting edge developments. Moreover, the Class will integrate eligible training courses such as: financial inclusion, responsible finance, innovation, technology, microinsurance and agricultural finance, among others.

For more details on the Program:

To register:

To have a look on the schedule and themes of the Master Class

For additional information, feel free to write at

Boulder Institute of Microfinance
Tel/Fax: + (56-2) 26733747 / + (56-2) 26728462

9th Spanish Edition of the Boulder Microfinance Training Programme in Quito, March 9-20

MicroFinanza Rating Latin America Director, Evrim Kirimkan (read profile), will be holding two courses titled respectively "Comprehensive evaluation of performance: financial and social" and "Financial risks management" as part of the Boulder Microfinance Training (MFT) Program, which takes place in Quito, Ecuador, 9-20 March.

To learn more about the training courses please click on the following links:
Comprehensive evaluation of performance: financial and social
Financial risks management

The courses will combine theoretical presentations with participatory discussions and exercises. Best practices and practical cases will be discussed to improve the comprehension of each topic.
Click here to register NOW or feel free to write at

2015 EMN European Microfinance Research Award - Call for papers

In anticipation of the 12th Annual European Microfinance Network (EMN) Conference to be held in Dublin on June 18th and 19th 2015, the EMN together with the Research Group "Financial Inclusion and New Entrepreneurship" of the Hague University of Applied Sciences are pleased to announce the re-launch of the European Microfinance Research Award. This year's award has a €1.000 endowment!
Papers eligible for selection should present ongoing or finalized research on issues related to microfinance in the European Union and EFTA countries exclusively. It is a great opportunity for research fellows in the European microfinance market to gain exposure to the network and the sector as a whole

  • Handing in of abstracts: Monday, January 19th, 2015
  • Acceptance notification: Monday, January 26th, 2015
  • Handing in of full papers: Monday, March 9th, 2015

For more information on the application process, deadline and contacts, click here.

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