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MFR Executive Director speaker at CGAP webinar about risk mgmt in Financial Inclusion
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risk management the engine for responsible financial inclusion 3


On March 22, the Executive Director of MicroFinanza Rating, Aldo Moauro, participated as a speaker at the Microfinance Gateway webinar entitled: "Risk Management, the Engine for Responsible Financial Inclusion".

A dynamic panel discussion highlights key lessons on risk management in financial inclusion and introduce the following:

  • A comprehensive risk management framework tailored to various tier levels of financial services providers (FSPs) with double bottom line;
  • An online resource encyclopedia to help FSPs develop appropriate risk management systems;
  • A methodology by which risk management can be strengthened within the financial inclusion industry.


Here the complete recording of the webinar, some materials to download and the lecturers' biographies.


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MFR at the Africa Mobile and Digital Banking Summit in Nairobi, Kenya
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AMPK-Africa-Mobile--Digital-Banking-Summit Agenda-1-1


The MFR Africa team will partecipate in 2017 edition of the Africa Mobile and Digital Banking Summit. MFR Senior Analyst Ben Wallingford will give a lecture on the topic: “Emerging Institutional and Client Protection Risks of Digital Financial Services and Fintech.” The Africa Mobile and Digital Banking Summit, to be held March 22 to 23 in Nairobi, Kenya, aims at igniting and catalyzing a paradigm shift in the future of the sector by inspiring the audience to think differently with the aim of revolutionizing the sector. The conference will attract over 300 delegates in the Banking fraternity, Fintech companies, Telcos and other Stake Holders and more than 1000 exhibition visitors over the two days.


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New Country Studies available: Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka
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If you would like to purchase the Country Study for Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, then contact us requesting a quote. The Country Study provides an in-depth analysis of a country's main legal, fiscal, institutional aspects related to the local microfinance sector and recognition of the most promising MFIs. The cost of the report depends on the number of contractors and level of customization required by the applicant. Visit the dedicated section of our website for more info and to know the list of immediately available Country Studies. 

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Upcoming missions and events – Quarter 1, 2017
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During this quarter, MFR’s team will be visiting the following countries: Cambodia, Kenya, Myanmar, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Burkina Faso, Pakistan, Madagascar, Namibia among others.

Moreover, we will be participating to the following events:


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SAVE THE DATE! Workshop with the Italian Credit Guarantee Institutions
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MFR invites all stakeholders to participate to the Workshop "Measures supporting Microcredit for Credit Guarantee Institutions" on January 18, 2017. Italian Credit Guarantee Institutions (“Consorzi Garanzia Fidi” or “Confidi”) facilitate the provision of financing to SMEs by protecting part of the requested loan with a guarantee.

RITMI, in partnership with MicroFinanza Rating and Gaileo Network, organizes a workshop aimed at increasing the awareness of Confidi about European initiatives for microcredit, like the EaSI TA framework. The workshop will be held in Milan at Sala Donzelli, Camera di Commercio di Milano, Piazza dei Mercanti.

The Confidi that participate to the EaSI TA framework will benefit of training, technical assistance, assessment and rating services.

Representatives of European Institutions, of Italian banks and microcredit providers will also attend the workshop.

Join the initiative! For registering to the workshop, please download this form and send it to

Guidelines on Outcome Management for investors ranked #1 publication 2016 by MF Gateway
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MicroFinanza Rating is very glad to announce that the paper Guidelines on Outcome Management for Investors, developed by MFR Business Development Director Lucia Spaggiari, in partnership with European Microfinance Platform (e-mfp) and the Social Performance Task Force (SPTF), is classified #1 of the most highly recommended publications of the year 2016 by Microfinance Gateway.

The paper presents guidelines for integrating outcome measurement, analysis and reporting into the operations of inclusive finance investors, asset managers and other funders.

For more information, please visit our page dedicated to Client Outcome services.

MFR at the China International Microfinance Summit in Bejing, China
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 The Executive Director of MicroFinanza Rating, Aldo Moauro, will be participating as panellist to the China International Microfinance Summit which will be held during the 29th of November – 1st December 2016 in Beijing, China. The summit will gather microfinance practitioners, regulators, associations, experts, and international players to exchange innovative ideas and thoughts- related to microfinance and financial inclusion. The theme of the summit is “Openness and Integration”, which will cover the popular topics such as financial inclusion, microcredit, rural finance, cooperative finance, internet finance, and Fintech etc. For more information on the conference, please visit the page of China Association of Microfinance (CAM).

MFR performing first ratings in Palestine in the last 5 years
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MFR is announcing that, after 5 years from the last assignement, it will be back in Palestine to conduct a Social Rating and a Microfinance Institutional Rating for Faten, the largest MFI in the country. This is an important step in the microfinance market of Palestine, as there haven’t been any ratings in the region from any rating agency since 2011.

Faten is a national non-profit organization in Palestine, and it is considered a prominent leading enterprise, providing diversified and sustainable financial services to entrepreneurs and small/micro enterprises, leveraging on technology to contribute to the empowerment of the family and the development of Palestinian society.

Prior to working with Faten, MicroFinanza Rating conducted other assignments in Palestine for main MFIs in the sector, including Asala and UNRWA, a United Nations project for Palestinian refugees.

The onsite mission, starting on the 16th of November, will last one week and the assignment will be concluded in January 2017.

Microfinance Institutional Ratings in Morocco in partnership with Jaїda
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Within the partnership with Jaїda, a funder of MFIs in Morocco, MFR has successfully completed the last out of three Microfinance Institutional Ratings. The project, including three MIRs for Moroccan MFIs (Al Karama, INMAA and ATIL), strengthens our leading position in the Moroccan microfinance sector as well as our relationships with key actors in the country.

For more information on Jaїda, please visit their website .

MFR certifies Banco Popular in Client Protection and announces 30 CPC achieved worldwide
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MicroFinanza Rating is proud to announce that Banco Popular – Honduras - is certified in Client Protection. Banco Popular has demonstrated compliance with all the Certification standards derived from the seven client protection principles.

With Banco Popular MicroFinanza Rating achieves 30 certifications conducted worldwide since 2013 and further confirms its positioning as market leader in the sector. MicroFinanza Rating has been operating in 50 countries and is recognized as a key player by microfinance sector leaders in conducting various evaluation services that actively contribute to enhance client driven financial inclusion.

The close client relationships with many of the markets’ top Financial Institutions establishes MicroFinanza Rating as a reputable certifier that aims at strengthening FIs' capacity to serve clients worldwide in a responsible manner and this confirms our commitment to create value for the whole industry.

FUBODE obtiene exitosamente Certificación en la Protección del Cliente

MicroFinanza Rating hoy tiene el gusto de comunicar que FUBODE - Fundación Boliviana para el Desarollo – ha sido certificada en Protección al Cliente. FUBODE demostró con éxito su cumplimiento en todas las normas de los siete principios de Protección al Cliente. FUBODE siempre ha luchado por la obtención de certificaciones sociales que evidencian su desempeño en las poblaciones más vulnerables de Bolivia. Un ejemplo del compromiso de FUBODE es la calificación de A-, que obtuvo en el Rating Social efectuado por MicroFinanza Rating en 2015. Sesenta y cinco instituciones en el mundo, incluyendo a FUBODE en Bolivia, han sido certificadas desde el lanzamiento de la campaña, con un alcance global de más de 34 millones de clientes. Para más información sobre FUBODE, por favor visite su sitio web.

Opportunity International Colombia reconocida por su buena práctica de protección a los clientes

MicroFinanza Rating, certificadora de protección al cliente autorizada por la SMART Campaign, se complace en anunciar que Opportunity International (OI) Colombia ha recibido la certificación de Protección al Cliente. OI Colombia ha cumplido con todos los estándares necesarios para tratar adecuadamente a sus clientes y se suma a nuestra lista de organizaciones certificadas. OI Colombia es la tercera filial de Opportunity International, junto a ASKI Filipinas y Opportunity Bank Serbia, en ser reconocida por la Smart Campaign y MicroFinanza Rating. La misión de OI Colombia es empoderar a las personas menos favorecidas y excluidas socialmente en Colombia, proveyéndoles acceso a servicios financieros y capacitándolas para que logren transformar su vida, la de sus familias y sus comunidades. Esta certificación consolida a MicroFinanza Rating como una certificadora líder y con buena reputación cuyo objetivo es fortalecer la capacidad de las IMFs para servir a clientes alrededor del mundo de una manera responsable.

Para más información sobre OI Colombia, visite su sitio web.

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