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Save the Date! MFR all'evento Prioritalia sul valore delle imprese sostenibili
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STD sponsor 2


Aldo Moauro, Executive Director di MicroFinanza Rating, sarà tra gli speaker del convegno "Le strategie delle imprese sostenibili e l'incremento del loro valore finanziario", che si terrà lunedì 16 ottobre a Roma presso la Sala del Tempio della Camera di Commercio. L'evento è organizzato da Prioritalia, Manageritalia e il Fondo Mario Negri, e sponsorizzato da MFR e da AXA Investment Managers.

Le tematiche trattate durante gli interventi e le successive tavole rotonde vogliono sensibilizzare e promuovere tra le aziende, e in particolare tra i manager, le pratiche di sostenibilità, secondo gli standard internazionali, gli ESG (environment, social, governance).

L'evento intende allo stesso tempo stimolare l’utilizzo di strumenti di misurazione come il rating, il bilancio di sostenibilità e il bilancio integrato, per aiutare gli investitori nelle analisi delle aziende e le loro conseguenti scelte di portafoglio.

Qui il programma completo del convegno.


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Measuring client outcomes: MFR on 2017 Microfinance Barometer
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MicroFinanza Rating is happy to announce the publication of the article "Measuring client outcomes: The frontier of social performance management" on the 2017 Microfinance Barometer. The piece, written by MFR Business Development Director and Coordinator of the e-MFP Investors Action Group Lucia Spaggiari, explains how financial inclusion and impact finance are learning from each other at the frontier of social performance management. Click here to download the publication.


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MicroFinanza Rating at the 23rd Annual Boulder Microfinance Training
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boulder logoBoulder




As part of the 23rd Annual Boulder Microfinance Training (July 17 - August 4, 2017 in Turin, Italy) Aldo Moauro, MFR Director, will be holding the following course in the English Programme:


As for the French programme, MFR's Regional manager for Latin American and the Caribbean, Evrim Kirimkan, will be holding a course entitled:


With specific and concrete objectives, these courses include group work activities and a variety of case studies, mainly stemming from the wide experience of institutional and social ratings conducted by MicroFinanza Rating in many different countries in the four continents.

For additional information, click here.

MFR at the 5th European Microfinance Research Conference, Portsmouth, UK
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5th EU MIcrofin


The MFR team will participate in the 5th European Microfinance Research Conference during June 12-14 in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. The objective of the 5th edition of the conference is to draw together ideas from Europe and beyond which tackle the financial inclusion problem. MFR Business Development Director and member of the Social Performance Task Force Lucia Spaggiari will be one of the speakers at a panel discussion entitled: "(Re)framing Research in Microfinance." The European Microfinance Research Conference is one of the primary meeting places for academics to exchange ideas, build and consolidate networks, give visibility to their projects and to identify gaps and different paths for new research.

Click here to download the 5th European Microfinance Research Conference final programme.


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MFR at the first conference “Microfinance sector in Palestine – Prospects and challenges”
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During May 15-16 in Jericho, Palestine, the MFR team participated in the first conference on microfinance in Palestine, co-organized by the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) and Sharakeh (network of local microfinance institutions) and supported by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development.

The event aimed at shedding lights on two of the foremost important priorities in the industry – and namely, the current legal framework regulating microfinance and the improvements to be introduced; as well as the methodology to measure the socio-economic impact of microloans on clients.

During the first day, two research papers were presented and discussed, one of which was conducted by the MicroFinanza Rating team. MFR Executive Director, Aldo Moauro, introduced the “RESEARCH PAPER ON THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC OUTCOME MANAGEMENT OF MICROFINANCE SERVICES IN PALESTINE”. The study aims at designing the architecture to manage outcome, proposing a set of indicators and two alternative approaches, tailored to the Palestinian context (but customizable for other countries).

During the second day, Aldo held a workshop for donors and institutions to highlight the importance of social performances and indicators management. During the workshop, Aldo presented the indicators with the intent of reaching a shared and agreed set within the industry, and understanding how to implement the strategy.

The goal is to measure this set of indicators over the years to understand how the Palestinian microfinance market develops, a market that is worth of almost USD 230m and serves about 90,000 clients, mostly women, young people and small-scale farmers.


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Conf Palestina s

MFR at the 20th MFC Annual Conference, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The MFR team will participate in the 20th MFC Annual Conference during May 24-26 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. MFR Regional Manager for Central Asia, Russia and the Caucasus Ulan Diushebaev will co-conduct a pre-conference workshop on responsible princing. The participants will explore the issue of responsible pricing, what the sector can do to achieve its goals, and what each individual microfinance institution can do to ensure transparent and fair pricing. Ulan will also be one of the speakers at a panel discussion entitled: "New markets and market segments for microfinance: frontier countries and EU." The conference will debate the case of large, unserved regions with high demand for microfinance: in traditional emerging markets (Russian North Caucasus), in frontier markets (Uzbekistan), and in developed markets (France, Greece).

Here the agenda for the 2017 MFC Conference.


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News about the European Code of Good Conduct
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MicroFinanza Rating is proud to announce that the pilot phase testing the European Code of Good Conduct (ECoGc) for microcredit provision has come to an end in April 2017. During the pilot phase, the providers that went through the CoGC evaluation offered valuable food for thought when it comes to applying the Code in the field.

This test phase has allowed some conclusions to be drawn in order to better meet the needs of the microcredit market in Europe. Among the relevant updates, the priority clause 1.2 on disclosure of APR has been revised to bring the Code better in line with realities of the market for other MFIs that might follow. Additionally the grace period to comply with the ECoGc has been extended from 18 months to 36 months for greenfield financial intermediaries. Find out more on the EaSI Micpro platform.


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MFR certifies Finca Pakistan in Client Protection and announces 40 CPC achieved worldwide
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MicroFinanza Rating is proud to announce that Finca Pakistan is certified in Client Protection. Finca Pakistan has demonstrated compliance with all the Certification standards derived from the seven client protection principles.

With Finca Pakistan, MicroFinanza Rating achieves 40 certifications conducted worldwide since 2013 and further confirms its positioning as market leader in the sector. MicroFinanza Rating has been operating in more than 100 countries and is recognized as a key player by microfinance sector leaders in conducting various evaluation services that actively contribute to enhance client driven financial inclusion.

The close client relationships with many of the markets’ top Financial Institutions establishes MicroFinanza Rating as a reputable certifier that aims at strengthening FIs' capacity to serve clients worldwide in a responsible manner and this confirms our commitment to create value for the whole industry.


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Friendship Bridge has been awarded the Truelift Leader Milestone
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MicroFinanza Rating announces that Friendship Bridge is now recognized by Truelift as the Leader Milestone, the third Truelift Leader in Latin America and the fourth in the world.

The Leader milestone is the most significant and prestigious of the Truelift milestones, given only to those institutions that are excellent in all three of the Pro-Poor Principles. Truelift Leaders are financially sustainable, demonstrate a responsible financial performance, are Smart Campaign certified in client protection and fully meet the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management Dimensions on balancing financial and social return.

Friendship Bridge is a registered nonprofit organization that empowers impoverished Guatemalan women to create a better future for themselves, their children and their communities through microfinance and education. Friendship Bridge’s Microcredit Plus program combines small loans with participatory Non-Formal Education. With loan capital in hand and through knowledge gained in applicable monthly Non-Formal Education sessions, women start, expand, or diversify their businesses. Nearly 30,000 women participate in Friendship Bridge’s Microcredit Plus program each year.

Find more on Friendship Bridge here.


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Friendship-Bridge TrueliftCertificate April-2017

La Fundación Paraguaya recibe el premio Truelift Leader Milestone

MicroFinanza Rating anuncia que la Fundación Paraguaya ha sido reconocida por Truelift como Líder convirtiéndose así en el segundo líder de Truelift en Latinoamérica y el tercero en el mundo.

El reconocimiento como Líder es el galardón más significativo y prestigioso de los hitos de Truelift y se otorga solo a instituciones que han demostrado una excelente gestiónde los tres Pro-Poor Principles (principios a favor de los pobres). Los Líderes Truelift son económicamente sostenibles, tienen una trayectoria probada de rendimiento financiero responsable, han sido certificados en protección al cliente por Smart Campaign y cumplen con todas las Normas Universales para la Gestión de las dimensiones del Desempeño Social enfocadas en equilibrar el rendimiento tanto económico como social.

La Fundación Paraguaya es una organización no gubernamental autosostenible que desarrolla e implementa soluciones prácticas, innovadoras y sostenibles para erradicar la pobreza, con la finalidad de crear condiciones decentes para todas las familias utilizando estrategias interrelacionadas:

  • Un programa de microfinanciación que, en su primera etapa permite que las familias pobres puedan autodiagnosticar su propia condición de pobreza para luego desarrollar estrategias personalizadas a fin de impulsarlas permanentemente para salir de esta condición;
  • Un programa de educación en emprendimiento y finanzas básicas para niños y jóvenes;
  • Un programa de institutos agrícolas autosostenibles económicamente que se encarga de formar a los hijos e hijas de agricultores pobres para convertirlos en “emprendedores rurales”.

Conozca más detalles sobre Fundación Paraguaya aquí.


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Upcoming missions and events – Quarter 2, 2017
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During this quarter, MFR’s team will be visiting the following countries: Kosovo, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Polonia, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Honduras, El Salvador among others.

Moreover, we will be participating to the following events:


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MFR Executive Director speaker at CGAP webinar about risk mgmt in Financial Inclusion
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risk management the engine for responsible financial inclusion 3


On March 22, the Executive Director of MicroFinanza Rating, Aldo Moauro, participated as a speaker at the Microfinance Gateway webinar entitled: "Risk Management, the Engine for Responsible Financial Inclusion".

A dynamic panel discussion highlights key lessons on risk management in financial inclusion and introduce the following:

  • A comprehensive risk management framework tailored to various tier levels of financial services providers (FSPs) with double bottom line;
  • An online resource encyclopedia to help FSPs develop appropriate risk management systems;
  • A methodology by which risk management can be strengthened within the financial inclusion industry.


Here the complete recording of the webinar, some materials to download and the lecturers' biographies.


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