Poverty Probability Index (PPI) Certification

MicroFinanza Rating is licensed by Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) to provide PPI Certification, which recognizes excellence in poverty measurement with the Poverty Probability Index (PPI).
Get certified to demonstrate that your data is reliable and accurate!


PPI Certification ensures that organizations using the PPI are meeting meaningful standards set by IPA and industry leaders. These standards protect the accuracy and reliability of PPI data.
To review the standards, visit www.progressoutofpoverty.org/standards. Any organization that uses the PPI can pursue a PPI certification.
Qualified organizations may earn either a Basic or Advanced PPI Certification.

  • A Basic Certification indicates that the organization employs best practices for accurate poverty measurement. The Basic Standards of Use are designed to ensure the integrity of an organization's PPI data.
  • An Advanced Certification distinguishes high performers. The Advanced Standards of Use ensure that the organization has systems in place that effectively capture and analyze poverty data along with other client characteristics, leading to important discoveries about the needs of clients.


Higher confidence in the accuracy of the organization's PPI data;
√ Identification of areas for improvement;
√ Increased trust among stakeholders;
√ Enhanced reputation and mission-alignment;
√ Differentiation from peers.


The Certification process consists of offsite and onsite verification by our trained and independent analysts. Certification can be carried out as a stand-alone process or combined with other rating and assessment services to reduce costs.

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