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MicroFinanza Rating provides tailored services to regulators and supervisors to strengthen the stability of the financial system through an effective assessment of financial institutions’ financial performance, risk management, client protection and social performance.


Training on the evaluation and monitoring of microfinance institutions, with practical case studies on good practices and risks observed on the field:

  • Digital financial services
  • Client protection, responsible pricing, social performance
  • Financial performance, risk management


Studies on the financial (or microfinance) sector: pricing, over-indebtedness, client protection, digital financial services, financial performance, social performance, investment sectors, etc.


Advisory services to strengthen the regulation in the area of client protection, including transparent and fair pricing. Advisory based on the regulator strategy, the good practices observed in other countries and the local context. Technical assistance to develop tools and systems for client protection regulation and supervision.


Periodic rating of microfinance institutions and banks, delegated by the supervisory authority to MicroFinanza Rating and (and other rating agencies, if any) to support the supervision of the financial sector. Please refer to the examples in the following table.


Experience with Regulators

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