Opportunity International Colombia recognized for its client protection good practice

MicroFinanza Rating, Client Protection Certifier licensed by the SMART Campaign, is glad to announce that Opportunity International (OI) Colombia has been certified in Client Protection.

OI Colombia has met all the standards needed to treat their clients with adequate care and has been added to our list of certified organizations. The mission of OI Colombia is empowering the disadvantaged and socially excluded in Colombia, providing access to financial services and training to achieve transformation of client’s lives, their families and communities.For more information on OI Colombia, please visit their website.

OI Colombia is the third Opportunity International affiliate, together with ASKI Philippine and Opportunity Bank Serbia, to be awarded by the Smart Campaign and MicroFinanza Rating. Further information on the network social performance are now available in the newly released Opportunity International Social Performance Report 2016.

The certification demonstrates MicroFinanza Rating's positioning as leading and reputable certifier that aims at strengthening FIs' capacity to serve clients worldwide in a responsible manner.


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