Fundación Paraguaya has been awarded the Truelift Leader Milestone

MicroFinanza Rating announces that Fundación Paraguaya is now recognized by Truelift as the Leader Milestone, the second Truelift Leader in Latin America and the third in the world.

The Leader milestone is the most significant and prestigious of the Truelift milestones, given only to those institutions that are excellent in all three of the Pro-Poor Principles. Truelift Leaders are financially sustainable, demonstrate a responsible financial performance, are Smart Campaign certified in client protection and fully meet the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management Dimensions on balancing financial and social return.

Fundación Paraguaya is a self-sustainable, non-governmental organization. It develops and implements practical, innovative, and sustainable solutions to eliminate poverty, in order to create decent conditions for all families, by using inter-related strategies:

  • A microfinance program which, as a first step, allows poor families to self-diagnose their own poverty, and then permits to develop personalized strategies that help them to permanently pull themselves out of poverty;
  • A program of entrepreneurial and financial education for children and youth;
  • A program of financially self-sustainable farming high-schools that train the sons and daughters of poor farmers to become their own “rural entrepreneurs.”

Find more on Fundación Paraguaya here.


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