MFR at the first conference “Microfinance sector in Palestine – Prospects and challenges”

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During May 15-16 in Jericho, Palestine, the MFR team participated in the first conference on microfinance in Palestine, co-organized by the Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) and Sharakeh (network of local microfinance institutions) and supported by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development.

The event aimed at shedding lights on two of the foremost important priorities in the industry – and namely, the current legal framework regulating microfinance and the improvements to be introduced; as well as the methodology to measure the socio-economic impact of microloans on clients.

During the first day, two research papers were presented and discussed, one of which was conducted by the MicroFinanza Rating team. MFR Executive Director, Aldo Moauro, introduced the “RESEARCH PAPER ON THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC OUTCOME MANAGEMENT OF MICROFINANCE SERVICES IN PALESTINE”. The study aims at designing the architecture to manage outcome, proposing a set of indicators and two alternative approaches, tailored to the Palestinian context (but customizable for other countries).

During the second day, Aldo held a workshop for donors and institutions to highlight the importance of social performances and indicators management. During the workshop, Aldo presented the indicators with the intent of reaching a shared and agreed set within the industry, and understanding how to implement the strategy.

The goal is to measure this set of indicators over the years to understand how the Palestinian microfinance market develops, a market that is worth of almost USD 230m and serves about 90,000 clients, mostly women, young people and small-scale farmers.


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